Level Architecture + Interiors: Success Stories: Leveling up Practice Ops (w/Adam Gayle)

Running a new business is difficult, whether you're starting with a blank slate, rebranding, or splitting off from a larger entity. The key to success often lies in developing order in the form of a consistent set of principles and practices. During Section Cut, Adam Gayle of Level Architecture + Interiors explained how strategic processes will not only help you organize your practice, but take it to the next level.
Forming the identity of a young business is difficult. Whether you’re branching off from a parent company or launching your own startup, without a consistent set of principles and practices, it can feel like you’re living in the Wild West. If you want your business to flourish, you need to establish law and order—namely, a consistent set of workflows and processes that will keep everyone on the same page. In this Section Cut interview, Adam Gayle, Director of Architecture at Level Architecture + Interiors, shared how you can help your business level up by organizing your practices and processes.

Interview Takeaways
  • Establish your identity
  • Create consistency
  • Start with good documentation
  • Guide your employees
  • Get the right people
  • Be transparent
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Break down projects by phases
  • Form intentional habits 
  • Generate staff buy-in
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