How Garrison Architects cut costs 50% by leaving ArchiOffice for Monograph

Meet Garrison Architects — a Brooklyn-based architecture firm that specializes in sustainable, modular building design through highly refined modernist aesthetics across private residential and large scale public projects. 

In 2023, the firm left ArchiOffice for Monograph to streamline and improve project tracking, staffing, and billing, while reducing the cost associated with managing their systems by 50%.

Here's what happened: 

Before Monograph
- +$34k annual cost on project management and billing systems
- 40-48 hours a month on monthly invoicing
- 45-60 days time-to-payment

After Monograph
- 50% reduced cost on project management and billing systems
- 66% less time on monthly invoicing
- 2.6x faster time-to-payment

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