Defining Design Practice: Defining Change (w/ Lorena Galvao)

Best practices in any industry change quickly. Flexibility and agility often make the difference between remaining cutting edge and falling behind the curve. During Section Cut, Lorena Galvao, co-founder of Defining Design Practice, explained why adaptability is so critical within the architecture industry.
Industry expectations and standards are constantly shifting. If you want your company to keep up, you have to adjust with the changing times. But to be ready for whatever lies ahead, you have to institute a flexible, agile mindset within your company and be ready to adapt to new practices. In this Section Cut interview, Lorena Galvao, co-founder of Defining Design Practice, shared her experience working in the changing architectural industry and how companies can prepare for future shifts.

Interview Takeaways
  • Spend your time wisely
  • Prepare tomorrow’s leaders
  • Find community
  • Recapture your market share
  • Think forward
  • Focus on innovation
  • Give opportunities to younger people
  • Keep adapting
  • Discover your niche
  • Find your communication channel 
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