Charrette Venture Group: Designing the Client Experience (w/ Lucas Gray, Dena Alspach)

Happy clients are a key ingredient to running a successful architecture business. Positive client experiences are important: when you do it right, you'll secure referrals and repeat business for your firm. During Section Cut, Lucas Gray and Dena Alspach of Charrette Venture Group broke down how to kick off a great client experience before the project even begins—and keep it going past project close-out.
The client experience is at the heart of architectural work. Delivering an attentive experience through every phase is what will lead to a happy client,  repeat business, and referrals for your firm. In fact, this experience starts before you even land a client. Becoming in tune with your potential clients’ feelings, thoughts, and questions will help you to meet them where they are. In this Section Cut session, Lucas Gray and Dena Alspach of Charrette Venture Group explained how delivering an excellent client experience from day one is what will elevate the relationship with your client beyond a transaction.

Interview Takeaways:
  • Get in tune with potential clients’ feelings
  • Nurture the client relationship
  • Set the right expectations
  • Strengthen your onboarding process
  • Find the best way to share documents
  • Document when you reach milestones
  • Reach out to the client regularly
  • Show where the money is going
  • Get feedback
  • Check in annually after a project closes
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