bldg.collective architecture + design: Achieving Balance: Creative Expression Meets Professional Service (w/ Steve Perce)

Architects can often feel pulled in two opposing directions. On one hand are the client's desires and needs, and on the other hand is the architect's personal creativity and aesthetic. However, it is possible to keep professionalism and creativity in balance. During Section Cut, Steve Perce of bldg.collective shared his tips for achieving the best of both worlds.
One challenge architects face is the pressure to deliver their signature creative style while also serving the client’s needs. This push-and-pull relationship between creative practice and professional service never goes away, but there are a few tactics you can use to help strike a balance. In this Section Cut interview, Principal Steve Perce of bldg.collective explored how to deliver an excellent client experience while also honoring your creativity. He talked about the importance of guiding the conversation, educating them throughout the process, and creating moments of delightful design.

Interview Takeaways
  • Get in the right mindset
  • Guide the conversation
  • Connect over creative opportunities
  • Create moments of delightful design
  • Communicate the impact of client decisions
  • Align on goals and scheduling
  • Educate clients through the process
  • Tailor your conversations to the client
  • Treat your work as an ongoing practice
  • Balance creativity with feasibility
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